Questo non è un: «E vissero per sempre felici e contenti».
È molto di più.”
Anonymous whispered: What is that Selection script you post? Is the CW doing a third show try?

You mean the one by tmiquotepage? That’s fanmade.


a never ending list of favorite booksthe selection by kiera cass

“In my experience, true love is the most inconvenient kind.”


If I had a dollar for every time America made the right decision I’d be broke

i have never thought I would take up that last challenge!

Dear America,
You would like it here. The gardens are beautiful at French Court, but not as beautiful as their princess.

Challenge: Give it Another Try vs Original

Anonymous whispered: Who's your tumblr friend ?

I’m happy to say I have a few. From this blog, I got to meet anniesscreams lorelaikillmore beangirl1389 and I already knew illea-capital-report from her Hunger Games blog, frosting-cakes. We get to chat every now and then. Timezone and all. 

Reblog if you made a good friend on tumblr.


What I do when I should be doing homework.