Anyone watching A to Z?

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Hey! I have strawberry- blonde hair! Click on my icon to see what it looks like if you want! :)

Oh, I see it! Thank you!

i know who you really are

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Strawberry blonde is blonde hair with warm, golden-reddish tones. It’s not full on red hair, like the cover of the

OK, I think I get it now. But I’m still a little confused. lol Thanks, guys! 


Ben Allen | Photographed by Damon Baker for GQ Russia Magazine

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strawberry blonde is like a blonde, but slightly tinted red. Red head is the weasleys

So Holland Roden is a redhead or strawberry blonde? Because she looks like a redhead to me, but they said she’s a strawberry blonde in Teen Wolf. 

Will someone explain me the difference between strawberry blond and redhead?


Gosh, it seems I met Kiera yesterday, now it’s about 2 months or something! Miss u, Kiera!

fashion encyclopedia: Elie Saab s/s 2014 couture