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At 8 I would blogging about… Dodge-ball, Mambo Number 5 and choker necklaces. LOL  

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"It turns out I’m absolutely terrible and staying away from you "
*cough* Food *cough*

He let out a sigh. With my head there against his chest, I could faintly make out the sound of his heart beating through his suit coat. It seemed to be rushing. His hand, gentle as ever, reached to cup my cheek. As I looked into his eyes, I felt that unnameable feeling that was growing between us.
With his eyes, Maxon asked for something we’d both agreed to wait on. I was glad he didn’t want to wait anymore. I gave him a tiny nod, and he bridged the small gap between us, kissing me with unimaginable tenderness.
I felt the smile underneath his lips, and it lingered for a long time after.
The Selection by Kiera Cass
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It will no doubt be mortifying, but do it!

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justpassingbyoursht whispered: And people realize his talent,Kota saw a chance of making his mother proud,since we all know she is obsessed with the castes. She lost her chance but she wanted better for her children,they could be more than a 5. So Kota grabbed the opportunity,and in the way became the bastard obsessed with the castes we all know,but deep inside he just wanted to make his mother proud and be loved.I know its stupid but i want to hear someone elses opinion,so what do you think





I imagine there’s more to this? This is all I got on my inbox, tho. :/ Humm, I would love to see a greater reason to why Kota was such a bad brother and son. There has to be a reason, but unfortunately we don’t know what that is. I liked your idea, I haven’t really considered that and it is so possible! 

I was hoping in that scene when Kota figure’s out about Aspen and America something would click on him, that he would have a different reaction. Maybe something from his childhood would come back to him, idk.

I had higher hopes for him. I actually liked him.

I know,even if he was a jerk all the time i liked him(he and Meri pretending to be pirates <3).The first part i was talking about of how he was a stupid kid who thought that boys should be tough,so he never showed affection to his parents,and since Magda had other children to take care of and thought that Kota didn’t need her (he was ‘independent’), she never did it either.I guess he didn’t really care much about his dad and Shalom probably didn’t show some love either he grew up not caring about his dad at all,so when he died ,Kota was more worried about his job.

I don’t know,i guess i’m just coming up with more reasons to love him,Kiera could have done more in the last book,like i’m still curious about the injections that Aspen talked about and those pills Meri had to take on the first book and the guy said that in the palace someone would help her take them,and some other minor things that kept me curious.Do you have more theories about Kota?I would love to hear it

OMG you are so right! I was talking about the injections the other day, but I had forgotten the damn pills! So many subplots missed, discarded. I just can’t understand why!?

I would have loved to see a plot twist with Kota. I loved your idea for him. It would have made complete sense if he had felt rejected and therefore he was distant, but the same time he was trying to show how much he’s worth but with all the wrong ways. You know, with the money and the upper castes and everything. I would have also loved to see America confront him, say that she has abandonment issues because of him, because he was her best friend and he walked out on her and Aspen. And I would also like to see Kota get closer to Aspen again. Idk, it seems that after America joined the Selection everyone who mattered was somehow inside that castle, the selected, the royals, the maids, the visitors and the rebels. Even Aspen had to became a palace guard to find his way back into the story. Except for America’s family  (Mom, Dad and May, mostly) we don’t really hear about anyone outside the castle.

I wanted to hear about Aspen’s family and if Daphne got married to that guy her father was forcing her to.   

Someone understands me ;D

For me it looks like Kiera rushed with the one,leaving alot of things behind

Totally agree


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I tried to take artsy pictures of The Selection Trilogy.. they came out ok but I’m really proud of the quality in the first one